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A freelance photographer with a broad palette, Marianna is known for her artist’s eye and conscientious work ethic. Transplanted from NYC where she did a variety of photography work, she now resides and offers her services in San Francisco Bay Area. Marianna’s specialties are Interior and Architectural photography, HDR fusion, and long exposures. She is also experienced in portraits, product photography, and fine art.


Marianna works with top high-end real estate companies as well as small and independent realtors, contractors, builders, interior designers, staging artists, and property owners. 

She relishes the challenge of balancing her client’s needs with the artistry, and her ability to bring her total focus to the task at hand in a personable give and take makes each client feel like her only client. 


An artist herself, Marianna has an eye for detail and a well-composed frame, with solid photography and retouching skills. Her goal as a photographer is to always produce eye-catching images that are perfect in every respect.

For Marianna, photography is not a job, but a calling.

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